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Meridian Training & Consultancy

Quality and valuable student education services

We are proud to be delivering student consultancy services for such a long time and will continue to maintain an excellent service for our students.

Meridian Training & Consultancy

Our Services

Student Admission SUB

We are full experienced with the whole student application and admissions process, entry requirements and qualification comparison; we work closely with university professionals, and have access to organizations such as Naric which gives us up-to-date information in relation to student qualifications.

International Students: SUB

If you are an international student and would like some advice regarding potential universities and courses you me able to gain entry onto, and the UKVI requirements in relation to students visas please contact us here.

Home Students: SUB

Please contact us if you are unsure if you meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, most universities usually require around 112 UCAS points which is equivalent to which is equivalent to 3 A-levels at Grade,B,BC, Some universities may accept other level 3 qualifications or relevant work experience, please contact us for further advice

Our institutions SUB

We work very closely with lots of Universities in the UK whereby we have a partnership agency agreement; we have been forwarding and recommending quality students to these institutions for a long time. We are fully aware of the institutional set-up, learning environment and the experiences gained based on our student’s feedback.

Meridian Training & Consultancy

English Language Institutions

We also have strong ties with English language institutions in the UK and are actively recruiting both home and international students to study at the best language schools, we can also arrange for approved English language tests such as IELTS, OELT and Functional Skills Level 2 which is internationally recognized. We work closely with the following:

  • Oxford International
  • Eynsford College
  • Francis King
  • Docklands Academy
  • Tropics Global College
  • IBAT college
  • Speak Up English
  • St Giles

Our teachers

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