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I studied Geological Engineering in Turkey and I am doing an IELTS course at the moment which is very well supported here at MTC by private tuition.

Hasan Ozge Gezgin, (Turkey) , Westminster Academy

I am doing ABE level 5 course in Business Management and needed additional language support. MTC London has arranged everything for me. I have joined their "Application workshop" where I learnt to prepare my CV and cover Letter. Following my course, I am planning to do my undergraduate degree to which I can start from the final year. I am sure I will be knocking on MTC London' s door again.

Ana Maria Dragusin (Romania), Westminster Academy, London

My family moved to London so I had to join them. New city, new system, I was lost till I received career development advice from MTC London. Now I am doing an ACCA course where I struggled a bit at the beginning. Thanks to additional classes and help from MTC London, I have already passed my foundation papers.

Gurhan Gurses, (Turkey) , LSBF, London

I really appreciate MTC London which helped me through my degree at Regent Business College. I needed support especially in subjects such as Managerial Accounting and Risk Management. Friendly and flexible approach of tutors was always a motivating factor prior to my exams. Thanks for the great support, help and guidance you gave me.

Manja Bobovic, (Serbia) , Regent Business School, London

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